Strength & Motion 'Zenergy' Recipe

'Zenergy Balls'



3 tbs Miel d’acacia (Organic French Honey)

3 tbs Crunchy Peanut Butter

100g Glace Cherries

100g Morello Cherries (optional can change out for other dried fruits)

100g Sultanas

2 tbs Chia Seeds

1 tbs Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds

2 tbs Linseed (Also known as Flax Seed)

2 cups Organic Oats

Makes about 16-20 bite sized balls, (depending on your bite size!). 


Mix the honey and peanut butter together first in a big bowl, then add all the other ingredients, roll up your sleeves and mix it all together until it sticks together. 

Divide the mixture up by rolling into 'bite sized' balls using the palms of your hands and leave to 'set' in the fridge for a 'healthy', nutritious snack on the go or post your yoga workshop. 

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